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Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences


There have been numerous accounts of the so called "near death experience" (or NDE) down through the centuries.  Atheists try to dismiss them as some sort of drug or oxygen deprivation induced hallucination, but NDEs are different from hallucinations.  There are not the distortions of time, place, body image and disorientations seen in drug induced experiences.  In many NDEs, people were able to provide information that they could only have known if they were awake and watching the scene - not just listening with their eyes closed - all the while clinically dead.  Some even witness real events that occur far away from their dead body.  People born blind can see during NDE.  And not surprisingly with NDEs, religious orientation is not a factor.  Now we have scientific evidence for the afterlife.  There are many NDE testimonies on the Web. Here is a start in your search for understanding.


Recommended site (not Christian) : Near-Death.com


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