Amazing Bible Discoveries
"In six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day"
"For with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day"

Urgent! Urgent! - God's perfect sign in the heavens completes 21 Jan 2019 !!!

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Noah's Ark
Red Sea Crossing
Mt. Sinai
Sodom & Gomorrah
Ark of the Covenant
The Red Dragon
Shroud of Turin
Other Bible Discoveries
Evolutionist Hoaxes
Pre-Flood World
After the Flood
Young Earth
Stuff in Coal
Dinosaur Depictions
More Fossils
How did we all come from Adam & Eve?
The 16 Grandsons of Noah
The Great Tribulation
Mystery Babylon
Dreams & Visions
Signs of the End
Disaster Diary
Islam & the Antichrist
Global Warming
Willful Ignorance
Near Death Experiences

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Ron Wyatt Discoveries God of Wonders
Noah's Ark God of Wonders pt 1
Sodom & Gomorrah God of Wonders pt 2
Red Sea Crossing God of Wonders pt 3
Mt Sinai God of Wonders pt 4
Entire Revealing God's Treasures Video God of Wonders pt 5
  God of Wonders pt 6
Know Your Enemy  
Part 1 of many

If you are Catholic, you really need to at least watch these videos below.  You have no idea what you are part of, so please watch these to see for yourself.

* This is an incredible, eye-opening series.  Its amazing how much most of us don't know about the world we live in.  Its like a mini Bible course, but also shows how our enemy has been working against mankind since the beginning.  Very highly recommended. Part 23 - Roman Catholicism
Part 24 - Catholic Symbols 1
Part 25 - Catholic Symbols 2
Return of Jesus Loch Ness "Monster" (just a plesiosaur)
Mark Biltz Q&A with Ray Bentley Nessie caught on tape
Mark Biltz on Prophecy in the News part 1  
Blood Moons Mark Blitz part 1  
*Where applicable, follow links to other videos in a series on YouTube  
The Rapture - You NEED To See This  
News & Prophecy, are you getting the complete picture  
Visions Of The Rapture  
Wait Until You See This Rapture Video  
Dream of the Rapture  
Jesus Showed Me UFOs & Deception  
Deception of UFO Rapture  
  Christian Placebo  - a must watch for every Christian God is recruiting a Last Days Army - be a part of it
  Who has the right to the Temple Mount?  
  Hollywood's Satanic Agenda - Hollywood unmasked  
  Shocking Servants of The AntiChrist Exposed  
  Satanic Hollywood  
Warnings of Coming Destruction  
Warning to America of Disasters Coming!  
Prophetic Dream - He is continuing to warn us!  
I Saw Coming Judgment  
God's Judgment Of America  
Israel - Oil Spill Connection  
Dr. Kent Hovind - Dinosaurs and the Bible  
Giants 1 of 6  
Giants of the old World  
Near Death Experiences  
The Testimony of Mickey Robinson Part 1  
The Testimony of Mickey Robinson Part 2  
Near Death Experiences - Personal Heaven Accounts  
Near Death Experience - Man meets God  
Atheist Howard Storm's Near Death Experience  
Man Actually Returns From the Dead After 3 Days Part 1  
Man Actually Returns From the Dead After 3 Days Part 2  
Other Interesting Stuff  
Angel saves man from near death - interesting video, hard to fake  
Angel caught on tape 1  
Angel caught on tape 2  
Image of Jesus Christ Crucified  
Image Of Face In The Clouds  
Strange Phenomenon in the Sky  
Interesting Images  
A dream/vision about taking the Mark of the Beast  
Jesus is coming warning: I will come  
Visions and Dreams of Jesus Christ Stir Muslims to Christ!  
Bible-Codes.org - very interesting discoveries (good videos)  
The amazing first verse of the Bible  
God is speaking - through encoded messages!  
Interesting presentation on Daniel's 70th Week Timeline  
  Daniel's Timeline 1  
  Daniel's Timeline 2  
  Daniel's Timeline 3  
  Daniel's Timeline 4  
  Daniel's Timeline 5  
  Daniel's Timeline 6  
  Daniel's Timeline 7  
  Daniel's Timeline 8  
  Daniel's Timeline 9  
  Daniel's Timeline 10  
  Daniel's Timeline 11  
  Daniel's Timeline 12